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The Solution


The Solution

Thankfully there is help with eduassist.me and Federal programs to assist struggling borrowers. Our unique philosophy is not to pay off the loans faster, but to immediately reduce loan payments to reasonable and affordable amounts. Both your company and employees may pay significantly less per month than any other programs.

Especially since 1 in 4 Americans have student loans now, this is a new type of benefit to use as a marketing tool to help attract new talent and help retain happy & motivated employees.

Over the past 27 years multiple programs were introduced, starting with the Direct Loan Program in 1992. In 2007, under the William D Ford Act and in 2010 under the leadership of President Barack Obama, all new student loans were originated under the Direct Loan Program. This is part of the reason why many refer to this now as the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Program. These programs have slowly evolved over time and are available to anyone. But, as with any government bureaucracy, the programs have become numerous and are confusing to many people. They often are difficult to understand and the application process is daunting. This is where we bring value with our deep experience and understanding of these programs. As a neutral advocacy organization, we provide unbiased recommendations and make it an easy process with a guarantee that we assist borrowers to access the best program for their individual needs.

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How We Help

1. It all Starts with a One-on-One Individual Consulting
Our experienced Student Advisors have a minimum of 5 years’ of experience helping people with Federal student loans. Your employees will start the process with a call to our advisors to thoroughly review their unique situation. They explore all options available to each borrower and help them determine what is required to qualify for each program. Your employee is then introduced to a Loan Processor who works with them closely on their loans.

Student Loan Processors have a minimum 8 years’ of experience working specifically on defaulted student loans, rehab programs, consolidations and program enrollments.

2. Default Student Loan Rehab Program Enrollment Option
The Loan Rehabilitation Program is an option that some people can choose to correct their defaulted loans and is a great first-step to help return their loans to good standing and improve their credit. Typically, a loan rehabilitation program is a 9-month process with the main benefits of preventing wage garnishment (or it stops a wage garnishment after the 5th payment), a higher credit score by scrubbing the default from credit reports (just as bad as a bankruptcy), and waiving late fees and penalty fees.

We submit the documentation that reflects the true picture of the borrower’s financial hardship and then present it as part of our negotiation process to secure a reasonable and affordable payment (down to $5/mo). We provide continuing guidance and monthly payment reminders to stay in the program.

3. Student Loan Consolidation and/or IDR Program Enrollment
Getting out of default is only half of the work; staying out of default is made possible with minimal to no loan payments utilizing an Income-Driven Repayment (IDR) Plan. At the end of the term of the new consolidated loan (120, 240 or 300 months), any balance still outstanding is forgiven. We do all of the work: choose the best plan, collect the required documents needed, complete all the paperwork and submit on behalf of our clients.

4. Company Payment-only Contributions for Student Loans Plan
For employees that do not qualify for Federal programs because they have private student loans or are making too much, you can still contribute a monthly payment towards their student loans with an online platform that securely links directly to your payroll system and allows you to self-manage your employees and they can self-manage themselves too.


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